Inspire Yourself – Jessa Grace

Inspire Yourself

Inspire yourself
Your life is yours
It fits you like your skin
Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts 1974

I accidentally heard this song while driving in an early morning traffic trance en route to my breakfast cafe serving job. I didn’t find it, it found me. Right when I needed to be reminded to listen to my inner voice. The long radiating intro dripping with soulful wisdom focuses you into that moment and into yourself. I have attached myself to different parts of this song over the years. Each time meaning something new and different.

I always go back to the one at the top of the page. I think it is the most important.


I want to share a few things that I do to inspire myself, in hopes to spark your creativity.


BUT FIRST listen to Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts by Funkadelic 

And/or read the lyrics here :) 



Now that your creative soul is flowing and open, its time to play.


It can be so easy to get away from playing when you’ve got stuff to do. SAME. I get laser focused on a task and I’m like a PAC Woman until I get there. 

I was EXTREMELY inspired by an interview with the fantastic award winning cartoonist, Lynda Barry. Learning about her creative journey, what she does now and what she hopes to do made me oh-so-very excited. Seeing myself in other artists that are women has been huge for me. 

In the interview Lynda Barry talks about one of the creative exercises she gives her adult art students. To loosen up. Get the juices flowin’.


She sets a short timer and has them scribble on a piece of paper without looking. They then examine what they have drawn, get imaginative and from there create a little monster.

They inspire themselves.

I highly recommend trying it. She explains it much better here

Start with a scribble, stare at it. Where could the eyes go? The mouth? It is super fun to just play and see what you can create when it doesn’t matter at all.

here are a few of mine ☺️


In my last blog I told you how I found the absolute perfect team to help me bring my designs to life, Ruled Design & Development. We have since had our first design consultation, I have sourced the sample fabric and trim accessories and now I excitedly wait for RuleDD to work their magic.

Below is my sample sourcing DTLA trip. Starts with Ragfinders, the mountainous inside & endless trim accessories. Heaven.

I chose a lilac cotton poplin blend with juuust the right amount of stretch, paired with a green zipper. I’m using vintage seam binding in both tops and tops. RuleDD studio pictured on right, day of the drop off :)

Let me tell you, I am swirling with excitement!


In the mean time I am hand making my Jawbreaker tops to fund my dream. I have released SIX new colors/prints this week!


Special Offer 10% off all products 

Use code: STANDOUT at checkout :)



I recently got to visit my family in Orlando Florida after not seeing them for way too long. My mom and sister were the very first people I got to see wearing a Jawbreaker! It was more fun that I could have imagined. Seeing how versatile and flattering the top is and getting their feedback was the best. 💘

Check them out in ONYX & AUSTIN.

Last but certainly not least, I did a Thrift Flippin’ scarf to add to my last tutorial! This was so fun. I freakin’ love it. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think :)

Click here for a super easy & cute scarf tutorial. All you need is minimum 25” x 6” piece of fabric to spice up an outfit ☺️

Thank you so very much for being here.

Until next time!

-Jessa Grace



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