I Like This Feeling – Jessa Grace

I Like This Feeling

It‘s pretty darn cool that you’re here.
Here as in reading this but also here as in alive.
No, for real, it is actually a miracle that you are on this planet right now. Scientists estimate the probability of your being born at about one in 400 trillion. Sssseriously!
Talk about inspiring.
I feel like a shooting star when I really take that in.
In my last newsletter I told you that I am here to share my fashion design & creative journey along with what inspires me.
I’ve been a busy 🐝 
I met with a few manufacturing companies, large and small. I started with the large companies to sort of weed them out. Their minimums were outrageous (300 units each style) and it seemed very easy to get lost in the shuffle of such a large scale factory.
Luckily, I had someone in mind! I took a pattern making workshop about four years ago and just loved the instructor, Corinne. I looked her up and to my happy surprise she has since created her own small scale design development and production company, Rule Design & Development.

“From design to production, we work with mission-driven brands to bring their visions to life.

We specialize in sustainable sourcing and development, and work with an amazing community of creators in the Los Angeles area to keep production local and ethical.”

☝🏼 Ummm perfect!

 This is exactly what I was hoping for. Since our Zoom meeting last week I have decided to move forward with Ruled to begin bringing a couple of my designs to life! I am beyond thrilled. Tomorrow is our first in person meeting to start the development phase which takes about 4-6 weeks. Eeee!  


Speaking of women..

Did you catch my new freaking amazing logo?!

 Done by an ever so talented woman named Lisa Taranchenko. You can find her @awful.bliss & hire her here.


I also bought my tags from a woman owned company EverEmblem. Made in Michigan!

I was extremely inspired by an artist named Paula Scher after watching an episode of Abstract. The way she describes her love of typography completely resonates with me. I‘ve honestly never felt more connected to an artist. It felt like I was seeing myself.


This summer I will be starting a series called INSPIRED BY WOMEN where I invite the women who inspire me to share who they are & what inspires them.

Stay tuned :)

Oh yeah!! I did that thrift flip I told you about. It was a fun first trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. The inspiration was mind blowing.

This is where I found the dress 👆🏼

Hot off the rack, baby.

I made the pants that I’m wearing & they’re the ones going in to development with Ruled ☺️ so excited.

Check out my thrift flip tutorial here :)

Last but certainly not least.. The Jawbreaker has launched! I will be handmaking these summertime staple cropped tops while my other designs are in development.

Let’s stand out this summer.

Click here for more styles !


Seriously, thank you for being here.

Until next time!

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